Running resident evil 2 on win xp

This is something that is not easy to do.

On the forums people suggest various things: from running the game exe files in compatibility mode for win 98 or 95 to putting the save files on a FAT partition. Well it seems these things help on previous versions of windows but on xp sp2 don’t seem to work. At least don’t work for me. The problem is very well known: You can save but can’t load the saved games afterwards.

I seem to have found a solution: It’s not very scientific but it seems to work. At least it works for me. Let me know if it works for someone else.

The trick is to download something called “application compatibility toolkit”. Don’t worry, it’s from microsoft themselves. You can get it from here.

  1. Once installed, run the compatibility administrator
  2. In “custom databases” there should be a “new database”
  3. Right click and choose “create new application fix”
  4. Put a name in the first field the select the game exe file (leonp.exe or clairep.exe)
  5. On the next screen select “win 98/me” on “operating system modes”
  6. On the next screen uncheck one of the selected items. It will ask you for confirmation. Go ahead. Then check it again
  7. Push the button labeled “test run…”
  8. Now you can load saved games :).

Things to take into account:

  • I can’t guarantee this will work on your computer
  • My save files are on a fat partition. I have not tried this yet on ntfs
  • It doesn’t work exactly as it should: You seem to be able to load leon’s and claire’s saves on both executables (on win9x the game doesn’t let you). You should load each character’s games with the corresponding executable file though(claire’s with clairep.exe and leon’s with leonp.exe) if you don’t do so the game will not work right. I got it working right the first time but i can’t remember how I did it exactly :(.
  • If you “install” the custom database (right click and choose “install”) it seems that leonp.exe can be executed successfully (with the loads working) from outside the “compatibility administrator”. This doesn’t seem to work for clairep.exe though.

If you have any questions ask.


5 comentarios to “Running resident evil 2 on win xp”

  1. 42fhlt Says:

    dsfsdfs67877 test test

  2. me Says:

    Thanks. Worked for me. Only problem was: The Graphics started flickering. I fixed this by unchecking the option “EmulateDirectDrawSync”.

  3. iampiti Says:

    Glad I helped someone. Anyway, with hindsight I think it’s much less hassle running the PSX version on an emulator…unless you have a very slow computer

  4. Xarathos Says:

    I could only get this fix to work while using the “test run”, after finishing the fix, running the program from within ACT didn’t allow me to load and (not surprisingly) an install of the database did nothing.

    Basically, this worked for me as long as I start the game in ACT while performing a test run of the fix.

  5. Says:

    Running resident evil 2 on win xp | Hockey no es sólo golpes


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