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Resident Evil 4: Stereotypes about Spain

17 febrero 2008

**SPOILERS**. If you haven’t played the game and plan to do so stop reading now. Below I reveal some things about the plot.

I have just finished playing Resident Evil 4. It’s a very good action game. Lots of violence, a good story … in one word: Just simple old fun.

It was even more interesting to me since I am from Spain and the game takes place in Spain.

OK, they never say that but:

  • “Somewhere in Europe…”
  • The locals speak Spanish
  • The currency is the “Peseta”. The former currency of Spain before we got the Euro.
  • The cops at the beginning of the game wear the uniform of the Spanish police
  • I could go on…

Reportedly, Hiroyuki Kobayashi, the game producer, said that the game does not take place in Spain but well, I guess he said that because he didn’t want any problems that such a claim could carry.

The game includes some stereotypes about Spain and Spaniards. Now, I’m not one who gets mad at these kind of things, nor I try to find hidden interests and political agendas in them, but I’m going to talk about them. Mainly for fun.

-The policemen:

This one is really good. They haven’t shaved for several days, they’re also unhelpful and cocky. The looks I actually find them quite authentic. The depiction of attitude ..well I guess that stereotype can be applied to cops from anywhere in the world.

Spain is depicted as a rural place inhabited only for old people:

I guess this one in more a matter of creating the right atmosphere for the game than trying to make a statement about Spain. I mean, villages and old people are scarier than young people living in a city.

Something that is true, is that the transition of people from small villages to cities happened later in Spain than in other western european countries. Still, nowadays there’s not many people left in villages like that of the game.

-The villagers in the game are controlled by an evil religious group. They are busy attacking an intruder but when the church bell rings they go running to pray. Mmm…

OK, I know this is just a part of the plot of a game, but is hard no to see some criticism against the Catholic Church in Spain.

Well that’s all for today. Add your comments and opinions about this.