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Headphones with volume control: am I alone?

7 abril 2008

My digital audio player spends all day long in my pocket with the headphones cable twisted in bad ways.


Yeah, I know, this happens to millions of poor headphones everyday everywhere. The bad consequence is that the headphones stop working in a few months and I have to buy a new pair.

This is the problem, I like to have headphones with volume control so I don’t have to reach the DAP in my pocket and change the volume there.  Futhermore,  it spends most of the time in “hold”  mode so my walking or the “gentle” movement of the bus presses a button… so it becomes a double hassle.

I don’t know if I am in the minority when I am bothered by these things but it seems I am.

Because when I go to buy a new pair of headphones there are very few models with volume control. I must admit that I go to general technology retailers and not audio specialist stores …and that I am happy with small earbuds that sound decent (usually in the 15 – 30 € range) but I find strange and irritating that of the 25 different models or so of headphones in the store there was exactly one model that included the volume control. Well, you can guess the model I ended up buying.

In the end, the senheiser mx550 are not bad: 20€ and the sound is ok but I’d liked to have the option to choose. Yes I am lazy, but I’d like to think that I’m not alone in this.